First Thoughts on Demasculinization


  • is not a word that is currently recognized by my MacBook Pro
  • as a medical term, means the act or process of demasculinization, eg. by removing the testicles of a male animal

Contextualizing Demasculinity;

  • How do men be sensitive and emotional? (Can men cry?)
  • (Why) do. men hide their feelings? 
  • What is demasculinity as a process or a critique of the patriarchal capitalistic system? 
  • Is demaculinity gender equality or just another self-assuming process of gender equality?  




A Call to Men, Tony Porter, TED,

I’m Too Sad to Tell You by Bas Jan Ader, Bojan Buntic, YouTube,

Violence Against Woman — It’s a men’s issue, Jason Katz, TED,

Getting to Know Your Brain – Crash Course Psychology #4, Crash Course, YouTube,

Emotions: Limbic System, khanacademymedicine, YouTube,


Author: Wayne W. J. Lim

Singaporean art-practitioner outside of Singapore / Student at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI)

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